HR Officer Cell 5

HR Officer Cell 5

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  • S/he guides and provides counsel to HRCo for the elaboration and annual revision of an HR strategy which is adapted to the specific mission needs.
  • S/he monitors the quality of the use of HR for the movement and the adequacy of resourceswith the project(s)/mission(s). S/he participates to common efforts needed for the institution to create an healthy HR pyramid in terms of field posts.
  • S/he mobilizes the field teams to provide an HR demand which is clear, precise, complete, quality-driven and predictable. S/he supervises the quality of set upin the mission (coordination and project).
  • S/he is responsible for the HR budgetof the cell and guarantor of the HR commitments taken during the ARO.
  • S/he ensures the promotion and supervision of respect and the contextualized practical application of the MSF HR principles, policies, procedures and toolsby the HRCo to ensure optimal efficiency. The HRO is guarantor of their coherence and their longevity.
  • The HRO is responsible for submitting exceptions and deviations to the HRO coordinator or to the exception committee, depending on the case and following the principle « apply or explain ».
  • S/he monitors the HR & administrative qualityof the mission. S/he uses control tools (HR Fundamentals, to be developed) at his/her disposal in order to ensure the HR and administrative health of the mission.
  • S/he follows the legal-judicial situationin missions and involves the legal unit as soon as s/he deems it necessary.
  • The HRO steers the HRCo towards an optimal management of HR information tools(Homere, HR.Net, KITSCH, and, in the future HR Database tool), and their use as a management tool.
  • Briefing/debriefing: The HRO is guarantor of the quality of the induction process of expats before arriving on the mission.
  • Matching: The HRO takes part in the expat selection for the missions according to the defined frame for the matching process.



  • Minimum 2 years of MSF experience on the field, at least one year in HR and one year in a coordination position
  • Available for frequent field visits
  • IT competencies: Word and Excel indispensable. HR.Net & Homere.
  • Languages: bilingual French-English (written and spoken) – Spanish and/or Portuguese are desirable
  • Strategic vision
  • Analytical spirit
  • People Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring approach
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Planning and organization
  • Stress management
  • Adherence to MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Empowerment
  • Adherence the MSF Behavioral Commitments

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