The employment service of the Brussels-Capital Region (Actiris) has elaborated a guide with the main recruitment measures to promote the employment in Brussels. The guide is divided into the following categories:

  • assistance in recruiting long-term unemployed people. The employer deducts this aid from the worker´s net salary. It also provides incentives for the training of the employee.
  • Professional Immersion Agreement: the company receives a job-seeker candidate to carry out an internship in the company.
  • The Stage First: enables you, under particularly advantageous conditions, to welcome a young person with low or medium qualifications into your company, to train him/her according to the needs of your company and to give him/her the opportunity to have a first professional experience.
  • Work-linked training: enables young people aged between 15 and 25 to combine theoretical courses and working in a company. The company can benefit from an annual bonus of 1,750 euros for each tutor accompanying 1 to 4 people.
  • Reductions first contract
  • Reductions 57+: aid for hiring workers aged over 57 years old.
  • FPIe: the company receives a job seeker in order to train him/her. The company receives a grant equivalent to the worker´s salary. The candidate must be recruited for a duration of at least the same duration as the training followed.
  • Integration contract: it consists of a 12-month contract through which a young person is enabled to acquire his/her first experience in the labor market. The cost of hiring a young person through this contract is 0 euros.
  • IBO: consists of training a job applicant in the corresponding sector during a period that lasts between 1 and 6 months, and then hiring the candidate. The apprentice is hired for an indefinite period or for a fixed period that lasts at least as long as the training followed. The cost for the company is a fixed monthly bonus without the Social Security.
  • Centers of reference: those centers improve the training of the company´s workers and of the job seekers. They have cutting-edge technology that permits to obtain specific information about each sector.
  • Training grants: the company is in charge of the training of its new employees according to the needs of the company. This training can cover very diverse areas and 50% of it is financed by Actiris with a maximum of 2,250 euros.
  • Language training: through Brulinga, an interactive pedagogical program that offers training in Dutch, English, German, and French via Internet.

Through the Ecosubsibru website, you can access a complete list of aid that the Brussels-Capital Region grants for the creation and development of the company.

The public service of employment and training of Wallonia (Le Forem) offers different types of grants for the entrepreneurial development, the training of new workers as well as the selection of the personnel.

On its website, you will find in detail different sections:

For all this, you can consult their human resources advisers in the various regions of Wallonia:

An additional source of information is this database in which you will find more than 200 grants in Wallonia, regardless of whether they are state grants, regional grants, or grants that are applicable to different fields.

On the website of the employment service of the Region of Flanders, you will find the different recruitment schemes that exist for:

  • People who are under 25
  • People who are over 55
  • People with functional diversity
  • Aid for the training of employees

For more information, you can call the following phone number 0800 30 700 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. or send an email to

When it comes to the part of Belgium where German is spoken, the office of employment (Arbeitsamt der DG) provides assistance for the selection of personnel, as well as short-term continuous training adapted to the professional needs of the company and that can be organized either in its own office or in the company itself.

When it comes to the financial aid, they organize advisory activities. Once the project analyzed, they advise about the bonuses and discounts when recruiting new personnel, as well as training aid.

If you need personal attention, you can call the following number +32 (0) 479 65 33 42 or send an email to