In Luxembourg, there are various measures to promote employment, designed for young people as well as for people who have more professional experience:

Financial aid:

  • Aid for the creation of companies, for the job seekers.
  • Compensatory allowance, for cases of reassignment within the company. Constitutes the difference between the old and the new salary.
  • Allowance for the new employee, in the case of wages paid less than the previous job.
  • Grants and bonuses for the promotion of apprenticeship. If the apprentice passes that apprenticeship year, he receives a bonus.
  • Allowance for geographical mobility, by means of the payment of the displacement from the habitual residence.
  • Allowance for professional training.

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Measures for the promotion of employment:

  • Financial assistance for the integration of the long-term unemployed into the public sector, social and solidarity economy associations and companies.
  • Coverage of certain expenses related to the hiring of long-term unemployed people who are over 45.
  • Financial assistance for the recruitment of young people.
  • Tax deductions for hiring disabled employees.
  • Promotion of internship offers.
  • Support for digital training with the “Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge” program.
  • Tax payment.

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